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Charlie was a Navy Brat, born December 6th,1929 , in Jackson Mississippi. He spent most of his youth bouncing from city to city (Norfolk, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina and others) discovering his love for baseball at the young age of 3. His father (Cletus) was a recruiter for the United States Navy. His mother (Norma Jean) and six siblings followed Cletus to Ohio, where they settled in Cincinnati prior to the war. Charlie attended St. Xavier High School, hoping to play for the Conquistadors (now known as the Bombers) but never achieved that dream when his father was reassigned back to Norfolk, Virginia at the beginning of WWII. Since Norfolk did not yet have a baseball program, he played pick-up games with many of the other Navy kids. The Ball family returned to Cincinnati after the war, where Charlie tried out multiple times for the Reds. Throwing 88 mph, with a devastating junk ball, was not enough to get Charlie a professional contract.



While Charlie never realized his dream of playing professional baseball, he dedicated himself to coaching youth baseball and running tournaments for local teams on the weekends. After 40 years of dedication to the game of baseball, on the local level, he turned to hosting tournaments on a national level. Charlie set up every tournament with the best interests of the players at a premium. It's that type of dedication that makes UNCLE CHARLIE'S TOURNAMENTS a sought after event for your team each and every summer.

Uncle Charlie would like to invite you to participate in his "Tournaments" this summer!

The Story 


"I only played against Charlie a few times, while I was with Montreal, and faced him 6 total times. I was never able to get a hit off of Ole Charlie. He had the craziest of pitches."​

         Jack Robinson, Brooklyn, NY

"His (Charlie) junkball was unhittable!"​

   Theo Williams, Boston, MA

"Most Incredible thing I've ever seen Charlie struck 3 batters out on 10 pitches."​

   Jim Baxter, Cincinnati, OH

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