HR DERBY 22.png
Campbellsport Elementary
N751 Grandview Ave, Campbellsport, WI 53010

Check In - 4:30 PM

Start Time: 5PM 




Rule 1:  The participants must bring their own pitcher, that throws front toss style.  Must be a Legal USA Softball Bat 


Rule 2: Participants get either 2 minutes or 30 pitches, whichever occurs first.  Each Player is allowed (1) 30 second timeout.


Rule 3: Hit Dingers! 

Winner: The person with the most Homeruns.


Tie Breaker:  1 Minute or 30 Ball Swing-Off  (Allowed (1) 30 Sec Timeout.)


Fence Distance: Standard 220ft 


Coaches are still able to interact with the athletes. Please take advantage of this!