The sports recruiting world has shifted, and we're always evolving to make recruiting better for college-bound athletes. Here's what makes Recruit U different!

You Don't have to worry about pushing your athlete out to the colleges... We DO IT FOR YOU! 

There are only 4 steps to get your profile out to over 600 college programs!

1. Create Your Profile after you receive a link from our Recruiting Coordinator

2.Fill Out the Profile to its Entirety!

3. Have a coach provide us with a coaches certification!

4. Update Profile & add Video, Stats and Schedules!

We then push you out to the colleges in our system and target the colleges you like and fit your needs!

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The Do's & Do Not's in Softball Recruiting


-Include your info on the first screen - list your name, where you are from, position

-Make sure you use high-quality video. You don't have to hire a professional videographer


-Keep it short (College coaches are very busy and prefer to watch 5 -1 minute videos than 1 -5 minute video)


-Feature All Your Skills (If you are a switch hitter, upload video of swings from both sides of the plate)


-Hitting (Show 5-7 swings from the open side (camera shooting from 1stbase side for righties and 3rd base side for lefties)


-Fielding (Show yourself taking two grounders right at you, two grounders to your forehand, two grounders to your backhand, and one grounder charging in on a slow roller)


-Outfielders (Show yourself making 3 throws to 3rd base and 3 throws to home plate from right field on a ball rolling or bouncing to you with no cutoff)


-Catchers (should show 2-3 clips of receiving the ball and throwing down to second from a view behind the catcher with the flight of the ball and 2-3 clips from the first base side focusing on the receiving and throwing mechanics)


Game Footage:  you can include several game at bats and several defensive plays keeping the video between 1:30 - 2 minutes. In game film can be particularly helpful for catchers!




-Try and Stay away from Slo-Motion ( Overuse of Slow Mo can make you look even slower)


-Make a Lengthy Video (Coaches will NOT spend the time to watch a 10 min video)


-Sound is not important ( Try and stay away from adding music to your video)


-Spend a ton of money on a recruiting video (You can record High Quality off of an Iphone)


-College coaches don't have time for the crazy effects, transitions, or photos. Plain and simple, they want the clips


-Try to stay away from a shaky video (keep it steady or use a Tri-Pod if available)


-Show the same type of play over and over ( Coaches want to see versatility)


-Leave your profile Blank (Constantly update your page and videos so the coach can follow you throughout the season)