What is the Platinum Series ?

The Platinum Series is a player identification program in Ohio.  The Platinum Series is managed by Uncle Charlie's Tournaments. Throughout the season and during Uncle Charlie's hosted Tournaments throughout Ohio ,Uncle Charlie's Tournament representatives will evaluate players during games to identify the Platinum Performance Players.  Chosen players will be issued a ‘Platinum Ticket’ from an Uncle Charlie's representative officially inviting them to participate in the Platinum Series (August 7-9, 2020) in Ashland,Ohio.  


Does my child need an invite or is it open to all players?

There are no open ‘Tryouts’ for the Platinum Series.  Evaluations of individuals only take place during Uncle Charlie's Tournaments hosted tournament events & events at which a representative will be present. The evaluations at these Events are free and are considered as part of the Teams’ participation in the event.  Chosen players will be approached by our representatives at the fields and issued a ‘Platinum Ticket’ officially inviting them to participate in the Platinum Series at their respective age level.  Only players issued a Platinum Tickets by our representatives are eligible to register for the Platinum Series. As we all know representatives cannot watch every single inning of every game. We do ask that coaches reach out and reccomend players to the representatives, this can be done thorugh email. Please only reccommend players that are playing in a Uncle Charlie's Event or events at which a representative will be present. There will be a list of events on Uncle Charlie's Tournaments website that has every event a Platinum Ticket will be passed out at.


How many teams will play in the Platinum Series?


There will be 4 teams in each age group. (10u-16u)  






How do I register my athlete to accept their invite to the Platinum Series?

After a Uncle Charlies Representative has given the athlete a Platinum Ticket and has invited this athlete to compete, the Uncle Charlie's representative will give you a contact form to fill out and it must be returned to that representative. After that form is returned the representative will send you an official email cordially inviting you to register online for the Series and to add you to the official Platinum Series Roster.


How much time do I have to accept the invitation?

Tickets assigned at the fields will be validated the day after the event has ended. All assigned Platinum Ticket Invitees will then receive email notification that their tickets are valid and that they will expire three weeks after validation.


My daughter ‘plays up’ for her current season travel team, which age division will they participate in for the Platinum Series?

Regardless of a player’s team age, at the Platinum Series, all players will participate at their current season roster age.

Are there any fees for players who are participating in the Platinum Series?

There is a $199 non-refundable incidental fee for the 2020 Platinum Series.  It is each individual player’s responsibility for transportation, lodging, etc. during the event. 


What do I do after I register my athlete for the Platinum Series?

Simply keep an eye on the Uncle Charlie's Website, under the Platinum Series Tab. You can find that at www.unclecharliestournaments.com




The Platinum Series are scheduled after the end of the season to ensure each player will be able to participate without negatively affecting her regular team. We would also love to have any coaches or players from your regular travel ball team come as a spectator and root on all of the Platinum Performance Athletes.


What does my player need for the weekend?  

Each Player should wear her team uniform and also bring all necessary players equipment. (Glove, Bat, Helmet, Batting Gloves,etc)

Can I enter my team into the 10U-16U Platinum Series?

No, only the teams that are comprised of Platinum Performance Invitees may participate in the Platinum Series.


What is the format of the Platinum Series?

Each team will play in 3 pool play games, and then particapate in a single elimination tournament. There will also be Platinum Series events held over the weekend that include a Homerun Derby , All-Star's Skills Challenge, Opening Ceremonies.

How do I get more information on the 10u-16u Platinum Series

Please contact either Shannon Cole or Aaron O'Brien at unclecharliestournaments@gmail.com for general program questions.

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